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Diem Xua Music Sheet

One Handed guitar player - Diem xua - The Vinh
Music sheet: Song: http://www.tcs-home.org/songs/... Guitar arrangement: http://www.tcs-home.org/songs/... *****...
Uploaded: 2014-04-17
Author: yesterday nguyen
Length: 04:56    Rating: 5.0    Views: 11,692
Mua Hong & Diem Xua - Trinh Cong Son - Khiem Tran
Two songs by Trinh Cong Son, a legendary composer. I recorded this on my new guitar, which has a slight volume problem on the pickup,...
Uploaded: 2014-04-14
Author: ktran11
Length: 03:24    Rating: 5.0    Views: 39,104
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    Diễm xưa-Trịnh Công Sơn-Piano cover
    Please subscribe, like and add me on Facbook for updates. Thank you :) Piano sheet download: http://ipiano.vn/ https://www.facebook.com/tran.a.tuan.92 https:...
    Uploaded: 2014-04-10
    Author: Trần Anh Tuấn
    Length: 02:53    Rating: 5.0    Views: 2,354
    Diễm Xưa - Guitar
    Diễm Xưa Nhac: Trinh Công Sơn Soan cho guitar: Võ Tá Hân Music sheets available: https://github.com/NguyenCV/Gu tar-Music-Sheets.
    Uploaded: 2013-08-08
    Author: Chien Nguyen
    Length: 02:24    Rating: 5.0    Views: 294
    Diễm Xưa (TrinhCongSơn) -- Khánh Ly
    Khánh Ly trình bày Diễm Xưa sáng tác của NS Trinh Công Sơn.
    Uploaded: 2014-04-18
    Author: ko7nz
    Length: 03:50    Rating: 4.8    Views: 44,898
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    Old Charm (Diem xua)
    A Vietnamese song composed by Trinh Cong Son.
    Uploaded: 2014-04-23
    Author: sonphumai
    Length: 03:54    Rating: 5.0    Views: 68,032
    Diem Xua (Old Charm)
    Music: Trinh Cong Son - Arr.: Vo Ta Han.
    Uploaded: 2013-12-17
    Author: dncngorchid
    Length: 02:35    Rating: 4.6    Views: 12,872
    Diem xua cover by Rainie
    Uploaded: 2014-03-20
    Author: Rainie9z
    Length: 05:38    Rating: 4.9    Views: 14,109
    Diễm Xưa - Kim Anh
    Diễm Xưa - Kim Anh.
    Uploaded: 2013-11-08
    Author: giongangiang30
    Length: 05:06    Rating: 5.0    Views: 305
    Diễm Xưa (Guitar Classical)
    http://www.facebook.com/HocDan... http://hocdanguitare.com/ Học Đàn Guitar Giá Rẻ, Uy Tín, Chất Lượng Cao. Học Đàn Guitar Đệm Hát, Học Đàn...
    Uploaded: 2014-03-31
    Author: nguyenbaochuong
    Length: 04:49    Rating: 5.0    Views: 14,346

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    Diem Xua Music Sheet

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